My House Is Being Painted

I am reminded of what it is like to have subcontractors working in and around my house. 

 No lollygagging around in the morning when you have a crew painting your house. 

 That means no wearing PJ’s till noon, get dressed, face on (makeup), dog fed, and back in the house, vehicle out of the carport so they can paint it, but wait, the *!)#@*** the gate won’t open!  

 Coleen, take a deep breath, quit hyperventilating! Call DK (my husband) he will know what to do! It’s Monday morning, so I text my husband, he got back with me shortly. We have a gate that opens on a remote control and there is no pushing it open by hand. We worked through that and got the gate opened. I got my car out of the carport and the painters were able to paint the carport that day.

 OK, I get into the office, NO WIFI, now what else can go wrong this am. I called the company and they said everything looks ok on their end and suggested that we turn the...

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Seven Years Of Renovations

closet fixer upper Apr 05, 2021

It was seven years ago this month, March 2014, we started over with our little fixer upper in the country.

This was a very challenging time in my life. Leaving behind a very nice home we had built. 

Welcome to turning 60

There was one steady piece in my life and that is my best friend, my husband, was right there alongside me and together we have pulled through.

We combined all of our talents, experience, and faith to move forward. Grateful for a roof over our head, but, 

  • The roof leaked therefore, I had to arrange the furniture around the leaks until we could get the roof fixed. Anytime they said it was going to rain, we set out our buckets inside the house.
  • The detached garage was literally leaning to one side, my husband set up his heavy scaffolding equipment on the side that the garage was leaning, to help stabilize it. 
  • When it rained the water came down the driveway right through the garage and out the back end! We used this garage for some of our supplies and...
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