Seven Years Of Renovations

closet fixer upper Apr 05, 2021

It was seven years ago this month, March 2014, we started over with our little fixer upper in the country.

This was a very challenging time in my life. Leaving behind a very nice home we had built. 

Welcome to turning 60

There was one steady piece in my life and that is my best friend, my husband, was right there alongside me and together we have pulled through.

We combined all of our talents, experience, and faith to move forward. Grateful for a roof over our head, but, 

  • The roof leaked therefore, I had to arrange the furniture around the leaks until we could get the roof fixed. Anytime they said it was going to rain, we set out our buckets inside the house.
  • The detached garage was literally leaning to one side, my husband set up his heavy scaffolding equipment on the side that the garage was leaning, to help stabilize it. 
  • When it rained the water came down the driveway right through the garage and out the back end! We used this garage for some of our supplies and equipment, everything had to be up on pallets to keep it somewhat dry.
  • The windows were 40+ years old and NO insulated glass. All they did was slow down the wind and dust.

There have been lots of tears and laughter these last seven years as we have renovated and added on to this home. 

We had three tiny little closets in our home and one of the things I am celebrating is my new Glam Closet that I got to plan and design.


What a way to celebrate the journey of these last seven years. 

This house has been my inspiration for my new series Renovation Inspiration.

This month I launched my first book in this series, 52 Tips To Creating The Glam Closet Of Your Dreams & Budget.


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