How to find colors for the exterior or outside of my house

Have you ever gotten stuck in deciding what colors to paint on the outside of your house?  Yep- me too.  I was not sure what colors to use so I consulted a color expert from  (There's a small charge for that but if you're really stuck in choosing a color- it might be worth it). It was very helpful in our color selections. I knew the end results I wanted, but not sure of what they had that would get that look for our outside choices. 

We had some new additions on the exterior that had not been caulked or painted, so while they were out here and they could fit us in their schedule, we decided to have the whole exterior repainted. 

They power washed all the exterior. Living in the country, there were plenty of cobwebs and dirt daubers. Wow, after doing that, it already looked much nicer. 

We wanted colors that would add to the beautiful Austin Stone. The front door color is Rocky River. 

I chose a winter orange color for our shop and office doors, it is Cavern Clay SW7701. I love it! The white on our porches and posts is Aesthetic White SW7035 and the exterior paneling is Tony Taupe SW7038


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