Find Your Style of Closet

closet Apr 05, 2021

So, you are going to change your closet, this is your time to put your personality into your new closet. You don't have to use "white" you can use different colors. 

This a great example of different shades of grey. 

Do you have enough room in your closet to add a chair or bench?

This adds to the ambiance of a place to retreat to.

Do you like to put your clothes in drawers? There are many creative ways to add this into your closet renovation

Ok, you don't want everything to hang up or go into a drawer. 

How about different ways to use shelves? Using baskets whether they are wire, weave, or canvas they add a lot of flexibility.

I don't know about you, but if my purses are not in plain sight I forget what I have. These vintage purses are all lined up in plain sight so they are easy to find.

I have set up a Pinterest board to help give you some more ideas of what you might like or do not want in your close.

I know, there are so many choices, comment below if you feel stuck, are overwhelmed, or not sure if this fits your space or style. 



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