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About Coleen

Coleen Merk is your Remodel Coach.

An Author, Speaker, Artist and Coach, Coleen started over at the age of 60 blending her unique skills and construction experience to ease the pain of the remodeling process.

Coleen married her best friend, DK, 44 years ago.  DK, a general contractor, introduced her to the world of residential construction at the age of 19. Since then Coleen spent 14 years in corporate America, then home-schooled her now grown children and survived a move to rural Texas enjoying two horses, three dogs, and three cats.

Using her years of expertise in construction, Coleen has utilized her knowledge, tools, and resources to start over with a “fixer upper” home in the country

As renovations and construction progressed, she recognized the depth of her organizational and remodeling skills and realized how many other women may struggle with their experiences. The Renovation Inspiration book series was born from this realization.

Whether you are looking for the Move-In ready, Fixer-Upper, or Dream home you do not have to struggle.

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This is a resource to help you make an informed decision on which way is the best for you to remodel your Glam Closet. Whether you DoItYourself, use a Closet Solution, or hire a General Contractor.
You have handouts, guides, and videos to help you with the different steps of this journey
Creative steps to use  when space is limited to remodeling your Glam Closet.
How a Closet Organizer can help you. 
If you use a Closet Solution, how to maximize their services to help you. Even get it delivered to your door if you have a two seater sports car! 
Stress free tips for hiring the right General Contractor in a big remodel that includes your Glam Closet.
If you are moving walls and electrical how do you plan for this when your house is under construction!
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Getting a second set of eyes on your plans can save you time and money in the long run. Coleen and her General Contractor husband DK will guide you through the process of getting a set of builder plans for the project and reviewing them for the common mistakes they've learned the hard way over the years in construction.

No matter what stage of remodeling you are in-  you might need a 2nd set of eyes to see if something might have been missed in the planning process.  Count on the experience of DK and Coleen to review what you have and where want to be to ensure there are no gaps in between- saving you time and money.   

Popular questions that are addressed in coaching: 

  • Does the building plan fit the style of your house
  • Do your ideas fit into the area you are thinking about remodeling?
  • If you need plans drawn up*, we'll steer you in the right direction and walk you through the process
  • After plans are completed and reviewed,  these will be detailed enough for a General Contractor and subcontractors to do a bid from
  • Already have plans?  Already have a bid?  Don't you want to know everything is covered?  


  • Use your pictures of where the project is going and help in getting the right plans drawn to scale*
  • Assist in finding the person to draw up the plans to scale*, to present to city for plan review if needed
  • Review Building Plan before applying for permit* for remodeling project
  • Educate on what the General Contractor and each of the different requirements are for applying for permits. Do they have the right plans to apply for plan review and building permit
  • How to determine the estimated value when applying for a building permit
  • What is the cost of the permit you are applying for? (Typical is 1% of value)
  • BONUS!  Includes the Closet Remodel Mini Course launching in September

*Additional costs to draw up plans may apply


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Need help and want to be walked through the process?  THIS can save you time and money in the long run. Coleen with her General Contractor husband DK will guide and consult you through the ENTIRE process from plans, to materials, to move-in. As a liaison to your General Contractor or builder, Coleen will minimize the common mistakes they've learned the hard way over the years in construction. Count on the experience of DK and Coleen to review what you have and where want to be to ensure there are no gaps in between- saving you time and money.  


  • Brainstorming for ideas that fit your style and specifications
  • Gain clarity on your expected results
  • Help getting your ideas consolidated into a final set of building plans* working with your architect or builder
  • Get a working set of plans for your sub-contractors and for the necessary permitting
  • Floor plan, front elevations, square footage tabulations will be reviewed and calculated
  • Find/help to interview a General Contractor and/or subcontractor and get bids
  • BID REVIEW!  You so want this!
  • 2nd set of eyes for duration of project as your concierge consultant
  • Working with your General Contractor as a Consultant for the project
  • Weekly communication by phone, text, email, and/or zoom throughout project
  • 2 onsite visits (if outside the DFW metroplex, travel billed separately)
  • Payment plans available upon request

BONUS:  INCLUDES everything in the REMODELING PLAN REVIEW $3500 value

*Additional costs may apply


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